Friday, October 15, 2010

The Remembering Tree

I am not ready to begin this blog. Not ready, but still I choose to begin. There is so much to tell of my story. So much to be done in honour of my little boys. My heart aches with missing them today. A complicated ache. Missing my Owen. Celebrating his baby sister. And missing their little brother, whom I have just so recently lost.

I celebrated my three children today, scattering rose petals at the base of a remembering tree. My daughter in my arms, we scattered petals for her brothers. Two precious babies taken from us too soon. 

This blog will never be perfect. Never as perfect as it should be for my little ones, never as beautiful as they deserve for it to be. But I choose to begin. Because theirs are stories that need to be told. And the honour of telling their stories is mine.

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