Sunday, October 17, 2010

Missing my Pumpkin

We went to the pumpkin patch today – your daddy, your sister, and I. And sitting on the hayride, the sky a brilliant blue, I remembered so clearly the year we took you to the pumpkin patch. You were so tiny – just a little bigger than a pumpkin seed in my belly. I’m so glad we took you there. So glad we didn’t wait until you’d been born into the world. I missed you today  - missed holding your sweet little hand, or helping you carry a pumpkin. But I also felt you there with me today. There in the clear blue sky, and the brilliance of the sunshine. There in the smiles of your little sister, who speaks of you daily with such joy and such knowledge. And there in our hearts – your daddy’s and mine. Your family who loves you and misses you daily. Your family that can only ever be complete because you are a part of us – now and forever. We love you and miss you, our sweet little pumpkin. And we’re asking Jesus to give you extra kisses and cuddles from us tonight…

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